Planting for Privacy


One of the exciting parts of moving into a new home is the opportunity to meet a whole street-full of new neighbours. But while street parties and conversations at the letterbox, or while mowing the lawn, are all the good things about your new community, most of us are quite protective when it comes to our backyard privacy.

From the moment your new home journey is confirmed and the process begins, you can start making plans about the styling of your backyard space. It’s important to think about the direction your backyard faces and how it will be impacted by the weather across the whole day. You also may like to check with your builder as to their landscaping advice in areas close to your new home, as proximity of garden beds to external walls can impact your structural warranty.

Other decisions to make include whether fast-growing is important or if you are willing to put the time into sculpturing a long-term hedge. In addition, how tall and wide do you want your privacy plants to grow needs some thought, which will determine if you choose some feature trees or clustering hedges.

The Lilly Pilly is a popular choice with its self-coloured blush foliage and fast-growing 3-5m height, ideal for blocking out those overlooking neighbours. Be mindful that the Lilly Pilly does drop a seasonal red berry which can be messy and stain ground surfaces.

Bamboo is also a privacy screen with fast growth, creating a tropical ambiance, but choosing the right variety is critical or you may end up with an over run jungle. The non-invasive clumping species is the preference, as it is very responsive to pruning to create the right shape.

The Red Robin is aptly named with his fiery vibrant colour, creating a shrub look with wide growth up to 3m in height. These plants need to be carefully spaced out in the garden bed, positioned too closely bunched and they can become sparse with their foliage.

A tip to keep in mind when planning and planting your privacy plants is that they need close maintenance to ensure they are doing the job they were intended for. Ongoing pruning and shaping, along with the right amount of food and water to ensure they flourish. It’s a good idea to speak to your nursery to get the right advice and be sure to plant according to each variety’s growing needs.

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