Moving to Berwick Made Easy


Maybe it’s an old wives’ tale, but many say moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. So much to do, so much to organise and then on top of that life goes on as usual. But does it really have to be so daunting? These top tips will have you feeling relaxed and ready to embrace your new home adventure at Alira.

1. Plan for success

To prepare yourself for the moving house challenge, the best place to start is to create a plan of attack. A timeline, working back from moving day will make sure the big task is split into small achievable jobs and you won’t risk falling short of time.

2. De-clutter first

It really doesn’t make sense to move items you will then throw out once you get to your new place. Before you pack your unwanted possessions take a ‘Marie Kondo’ eye to all your things, what can you throw out, donate or sell, for a lighter load overall?

3. Everything has a name

One way to elevate the stress levels is to come across unlabelled boxes, especially if they are at the bottom of the pile. In your planning stages, work out a labelling system including which room they need to be delivered to in the new house, and if they are heavy or fragile. Don’t forget to label a few sides in case your boxes are stacked.

4. Start early

Don’t leave your packing and planning to the last minute! Breaking the move into smaller bite size tasks that can be done early in the journey is a definite way to keep your stress levels at bay. If you’re a calendar person, create your weekly goals and enjoy crossing them off your list as you get them done.

5. Book the sitters

There’s planning for moving day stress, and then there’s moving day stress. The latter is definitely more extreme if you also need to manage the food and entertainment of children and/or pets! Organise play dates for both, sleep overs if you can. You will get the job done a lot quicker without them under foot.

6. Let everyone know

As you open the mail in the lead up to moving day, add to a list of who needs to be notified of your new address. Australia Post has some helpful hints to consider, check them out when you organise your mail redirection.

7. First night supplies.

After a long day of moving, nothing is more welcoming than some soap to wash your hands, and some food to replenish your energy. Create a care pack for yourself with everything you will need to get you through your first night in your new home, without having to scrounge through endless (labelled) boxes to locate.

The Alira Land Sales Team provide no obligation information for all new home buyers, for house and land packages for sale in the Berwick area, and can provide helpful guidance for new home buyers across all aspects of the building journey. Visit the team at 322-340 Centre Road Berwick, or get in touch via the contact page.