Landscaping of Your Home


As you stand before your dream house, you’re now eager and excited to head to the local nursery to pick out trees, shrubs and flowers to make the house a home. However, it’s important to carefully consider and plan the garden around your home. It will be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experience as you transform the exterior to compliment the environment and your new home in Berwick.

So, what will you need to consider?

The Alira at Berwick design guidelines

Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the Alira at Berwick Design Guidelines and be sure to share them with your builder and landscaper. The guidelines are included within the Plan of Sub Division and contract of sale – all housing and landscaping will be required to adopt the criteria set out in the guidelines. These guidelines ensure a high quality of housing is delivered throughout the project and differentiate Alira from anything else available in Berwick.

A private paradise

Want to create your own private backyard oasis? By utilising a combination of trees and hedges you can create a unique and calming environment to enjoy on those lazy summer afternoons. You should always consider the mature growth of the trees and hedges you’re deciding on, to ensure they will suit your family’s lifestyle for years to come.

Adding a hint of colour

The inclusion of different colours and textures will help bring your garden to life. A mixture of colourful and textual plants can help create a serene feeling and can be an expression of who you are. A helpful hint is to consider using plants that flower at different times of the year.

Planting to suit the environment

Native plants are great options to consider when dreaming up your garden. They are adapted to the local environment and will require less water and maintenance – which is always a bonus! While being able to choose a range of native plants in a range of different textures and colours, your choice to include natives will also improve the habitat for native birds and bees.

Planning beyond the plants

Your outdoor space is also more than just the garden. It needs to be a space for entertaining, relaxation, and overall enjoyment for you and your family. Think about entry points, driveway and space for entertaining. What type of paving will you use – is it slippery in the wet? Do you include a mixture of pavers for added textual interest and stepping stones for access to gates and storage spaces? And do you build a deck to create a distinction between an entertaining space and the garden?

Landscaping plans

It is likely when building your dream home that City of Casey Council will require a landscaping plan for approval. The type of landscaping plan required depends on the nature and scale of your proposed home.