A Family-friendly Neighbourhood


Looking for a new neighbourhood? Try this check list to get you on the way to finding that perfect family-friendly neighbourhood to match your needs.

When you break it down, the new home journey really is a series of big moments and new experiences, with a few thousand decisions to make along the way. One of the important decisions to make from the beginning is where you want to be, to see your family grow, make lifelong friends and feel that sought-after sense of belonging. But, for those on the search around the Berwick and Narre Warren areas, where is the best place to start?

Try this check list to get you on the way to finding that perfect family-friendly neighbourhood to match your needs.

1. Walk in the Park

While most new communities will promote their planned abundance of open space and parkland, it’s worthwhile reviewing the scope of amenity in regard to offering something for all ages. Whether it be toddler play areas with soft fall surfaces and intuitive spaces to explore, or skate zones and ball courts for the older kids, BBQ and picnic areas, walking paths and bike routes, a good mix of activities is important. Equally worth reviewing is the distance to ‘green space’ from each allotment, it’s much more appealing to be able to walk to the park instead of driving.

2. Getting Around

Transport systems and routes are not added later but rather incorporated into the design of the estate. While your new community may have plans for specific bus routes and transport to established rail networks, it’s important to understand when this will become a reality, particularly if you rely on these services for work and school travel. Additionally, being close to key points for access to the CBD and airport are important factors.

3. School Zones

It’s a given to check out educational centres both within your new community and surrounding areas, even if your family is just beginning. Some schools will offer enrolments based on a prescribed zone, which means it’s worth researching what new schooling options are planned for the future and what you will have access to.

4. Everything You Need

While we don’t mind jumping in the car for those more involved shopping trips, when it comes to the groceries, popping into the bank and picking up scripts at the pharmacy, it’s nice to have everything you need within easy access. And, don’t forget to check out the closest coffee spots and dining out options. Whether it’s Berwick restaurants, the Narre Warren library or the closest fast food store, checking out what’s in your new neighbourhood can help make the important decision!

5. A Community That Plays Together

More than words in a brochure, community engagement really is an important consideration. It’s the glue that makes new areas tick, can reduce crime and vandalism and is a great way to make new connections and friends. It’s worth checking out what activities are planned for residents, such as Auskick, exercise groups, mums and toddlers meet-ups and Men’s Sheds, all great opportunities to get involved with locals.

6. When it Feels Right

At the end of the day, you will most likely have a pretty good idea of your perfect community from the moment you step foot in the area. Our first impressions do count for a lot, and you can’t beat getting a first-hand feel for the real community – take some time to explore the area, play in the parks, and meet the locals.

To find out more about everything the Alira community has to offer, view the Alira Vision here. Or, get in touch with our team to find out more.