Benefits of House & Land Packages



Do you find the block first and then start looking at home designs? Or, maybe fall in love with the home first and then look for a block to fit. The order of things can differ from home buyer to home buyer, and both options have pros and cons.

A house and land package is a great way to avoid the challenges of both options, and can bring you one step closer to your new home with confidence. Let’s explore the package option.

What is a house and land package?

Put simply, someone has done the hard work for you. Your builder has searched for the best blocks within the community, then sourced the right home to fit, making the most of the orientation, and providing ample outdoor space. Then on top of that, generally, they will fix all the site costs (this means the advertised price is the final, no surprises), make sure it suits the design guidelines and add some move-in options to top it off.

What are the benefits?

The number one benefit of a house and land package is convenience. Blocks are chosen and matched with homes to suit, to save you the trouble of mixing and matching combinations until you find one that suits your needs. Secondly, house and land packages are generally fixed price, everything has been considered and the price set, which means unless there are any optional extras chosen, there are no budget changes or nasty surprises for you.

Do I still have a choice if I choose a package?

Buyers often misunderstand the amount of choice which is still available when purchasing a house and land package. Your builder can discuss your options with you, but generally once you decide on a package, it’s yours to make your own, such as colour schemes, finishes, fittings and appliances.

How do I find the right package?

You can find the right package to suit your family needs at Alira, by using the interactive finder on the website. You can search packages by location, builder and budget, and if you have more specific requirements you can filter by allotment size and house configuration such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage type.

To discover more dream house and land options at Alira, click here.

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